Computer Experience

Strong Experience (Macintosh)
  • Adobe Photoshop 5.0
  • Macromedia Dreamweaver 2.0
  • Adobe Acrobat Exchange 3.0
  • Adobe ImageReady 1.0
  • Adobe Streamline 3.0
  • Adobe PageMaker 6.0
  • Adobe Illustrator 7.0
  • Fractal Design Painter 3.0
  • Claris Home Page 2.0
  • GifBuilder 0.4.1 (Yves Piguet)
  • Microsoft Word 6.0
  • Intuit Quicken
  • Experience (Macintosh)
  • Director
  • Extreme 3D
  • BBEdit
  • Dimensions
  • QuarkXpress
  • Microsoft Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • FreeHand
  • Experience (Windows)
  • WebTrends Professional Suite
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Adobe Illustrator 7.0

    I also have limited experience with VAX, UNIX, and DOS.

  • Media Experience

    Every medium has its own set of limitations.
    Designing with media-specific parameters in mind can make a big difference in results.

    Offset: from a tiny one-color AB Dick to a nice big 6-color Heidelberg.

    Indigo Digital Press: pretty decent quality (133 lpi) for incredibly fast turnaround. Great for small press runs. Some tricks can fool even the most scrutinizing cognoscente -- well, at least the typical tradeshow attendee.

    Xerography: from the standard single and 2-color office breed, to the full color Canon.

    Silkscreen: from process-color plus one or two to single-color, for t-shirts, banners, and fine arts prints.

    Thermography: can be a bit cheesy if you're using as a wannabe, but it can be great for certain fun projects.

    Flexography: a typical technique for printing on plastic bags.

    Computer Monitor: an exciting new medium that can be quite liberating, yet also demanding.
    HTML programming for the Web is one example, while professional presentations are another.