Sites for great info and fun

The Louvre: I visit fairly often -- the brief art history lessons are well written and engaging.

Museums: best jumplist -- an archival project in Oxford.

Veggies Unite!: some terrific recipes -- it comforts me just knowing this is available.

Design Online: "design sources, talent, and technology for the new millennium."

evol design & prepress site: "Internet Resources for Prepress and Graphic Design."

Design House: a resource for buyers of services from printers, designers, illustrators, ad agencies, service bureaus, photographers, fine art sellers, and others.

Prairienet: a "public-access community computing" group -- check out just how "wired" my little community is.

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: I got two degrees here and now I work here. There seems to be some kind of spiritually electric pathway between U/C and my hometown Austin -- I have found so many people here with connections to Austin that I feel right at home.

Austin, Texas: my birthplace -- a very hip place, nestled at the foot of beautiful Texas hill country. Unfortunately, my parents are still there -- therefore I am not. But I certainly miss the music scene, check it out on the Austin Chronicle's page.

South by Southwest Music Conference: all about one of the best new music conferences around -- in Austin naturally.

Champaign County Chapter National Organization for Women (NOW): important resource for locals, also has links to more national resources and forums.

Hearts Online: dating and matchmaking services, and a good book about using the internet to find your mate.

The Condom Country Homepage: a pretty thorough catalog, plus some fun info.

Endometriosis Information and Links: rich resource of info and addresses.

Sites of some of my friends, alphabetized by first name:

Bea Nettles: a photographer and Chair of Photography at the University of Illinois -- she's written several books on her art.

Helaman and Claire Ferguson: he combines mathematics and visual art in beautifully sensual forms -- this is a catalog entry for their book Mathematics in Stone and Bronze.

Ian Collier: see his cool recumbent bike that he rode across the USA.

Nan Goggin: collaborated with Joe Squier to produce an online art gallery -- "@art".

Jason Heimbaugh: big fan of Brit comedy who also maintains an authoritative Urban Legends archive.

Leland Ray: his philosphies on portability and quality of code, and secrets of serial communications.

Marsha Woodbury: funny woman who maintains a humor listserve -- she also is the Chair of ComputerProfessionals for Social Responsibility.

Nancy Blachman: one of the most resourceful people I know -- author, teacher, adventurer.

Roman Maeder: a mathematician in Zurich Switzerland.

Rory Murtagh: once voted "Most Droll," his dry Irish wit is evident even here -- has a link to the complete guide to Guinness (Stout), plus a sound clip of the latest news from Ireland (think he might be homesick?).

Stewart Dickson: a mathematically inclined sculptor and digital artist -- has some cool pieces in his online portfolio, some of which I was lucky enough to include in an exhibit I organized in 1991.

Sue Ann Kendall: a great mom who also maintains the Breast Feeding Resources page, among others.