If you too grew up in the '60s, you may have experienced that odd captivity known as The Slideshow -- 'performances' in darkened rooms, staged by your parents and their friends. Alas, this is a kinder, gentler version -- feel free to keep on the lights, and flip through as you wish...

or not.




















     The AITS Groundhog, July 10, 1999


Our resident groundhog is pretty close to one year old. His mom was trapped by O&M last fall and removed. I first saw this kit in the late spring. This series was taken from a hallway window at 10 on Saturday morning.






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     The New Family Member, July 4, 1999


On a Starbucks run Thursday afternoon, June 24, my eye was caught by a small, grey-on-grey form sitting perilously close to traffic on the ramp to I-74. I thought she'd been hit, but she walked right onto my outstretched hand.

The cats are amused, Brad is trying to teach her the Inspector Gadget theme, and Jolie's still rolling her eyes and calling me "Dr. Doolittle".

After watching Lost and Found's and waiting for the Humane Society to call with a matching Lost Report, we've named our cockatiel Gypsy... Jolie is, afterall, sure the little parrot escaped a caravan heading down the highway.






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     Urbana High School Graduation, May 30, 1999

^ After the ceremony:
the graduate with her dad


< Jolie with Grandma and Grandaddy Bill






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     Senior Prom night, May 22, 1999

Jolie in the Prom ensemble of her own design:
layers of black netting over a solid black straight skirt, which rides on her hips, topped with a black tube top and three-quarter length sweater -- exposing just a sliver of tummy.






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     Cats in Chairs, April 12, 1999

Tonka, Lord of the Realm


Princess Nori


Chelsea: if Jar Jar had a pet...






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     The Esquire Lounge, April 6, 1999

Joe Carlotta Ece and Mark






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     The Carpenter, April 5, 1999

Brad is making a built-in oak library for my '98 birthday... and Christmas '98... and my '99 birthday... and... and....






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