My very own FAQs
All about my name and where I'm from.

Some things I like to do with my time
I can't really say that I have "hobbies," so this is the next best thing.

Free advice
Some things your mother probably didn't tell you.

My favorite colors
This is a joke -- see if you get it.

Koans to contemplate
Some of the stupider issues I wrestle with and have no answers for.
I'd also like to hear some of the insoluble riddles from your life.

Renice-tested recipes
I'm a klutz in the kitchen, but these recipes are OK.

Some great links
Places and friends I like to visit on the Web.

Retire the Chief sticker campaign
When I was an undergrad at the University of Illinois, I was stunned by the Athletic Department's repulsive use of a mascot referencing sacred Native American symbols. Now my offspring is just as stunned. I'm very proud of the stickers she designed in protest while she was an undergrad (elsewhere). You are invited to print these stickers and join our tagging posse.

Photos from the recent past

July 20, 1998: Animated photo and online newsletter article about my AISS STAR award.

November 8, 1997: Celebrating my AISS STAR Award with The Macintosh Cheesecake.

March 19, 1997:
Shoulder balance with support.

April 4, 1996:
Series taken by my photographer daughter,
while I was driving.

If this series isn't "animated,"
it's time to upgrade your browser.

And, for real diehards:

Slideshow 2002
Renice's Slideshow 2001
Sophie: The Picture Album
Renice's Slideshow 1999

Obligatory Blog

The Purloined Letter: Personal Blatherings in Plain View

[RickWanker, you were warned.]

Political Stickers

FreeDumb: Vote Kerry